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A Kiss Divine
Come to me sweet Valentine,
And we shall share a kiss divine.
A kiss like there never was before,
A kiss that will heat you straight down to the core.
Kiss me like it will be you last,
Show me a love that's endless and vast.
Place your lips upon mine, and we shall see,
Just how amazing true love can be.
One simple kiss and we'll know that it's fate.
So kiss me now I can't stand the wait.
Release all the passion you hold inside.
And be prepared for a breathtaking ride.
My world starts to blur, my senses overload,
My heart beats so fast, I fear it might explode.
Strong, sensual, and oh so sweet,
It makes me tingle from my head to my feet.
There's a surge of emotion I can no longer contain,
But here in your arms I will blissfully remain.
It takes over my heart without the least explanation.
How can something so simple cause such a sensation?
With one tantalizing kiss I feel dizzy and faint,
Because we share a love that time cannot taint.
Only you make me feel like this,
And it's all because of your divine little kiss.

by Serena

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