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I'll wait for you forever.
You're the one for me.
I've known it from the start,
So what do I do without you?
Now that we're apart.

You're the one who completes me.
You're the blood in my veins.
You're the churning in my stomach.
You're the core of my pain.

You're my found and lost prince.
You're the echo in my head.
You're the empty space,
That lies next to me in bed.

Tears fill my eyes,
When I hear your voice.
Knowing that you're perfect for me.
But feeling I have no choice.

You used to be my sunshine.
You used to be my dream.
But this is a total nightmare.
The clouds are blocking your beam.

I love my boyfriend.
But I can't get over you.
I'm so confused and lonely.
I don't know what to do.

I'm scared in case I'm wrong.
I don't want anyone to get hurt.
But I cant help worry if I'm living a lie.
Because that would never work.

I believe you are my destiny.
Because your soul matches mine.
This is why I will always wait for you.
No matter how near or far in time.

I'll wait for you until I die.
I'll even wait for you in heaven above.
Because without you my heart is dead.
For you are my only true love.

by Charlotte

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